Sunshine on a cloudy day

It’s been a busy couple of days. Working out has had to resort to a walk here and swim there because a good solid hour and half for running just hasn’t been available since Sunday. I got in a great 4 mile run on Sunday though. Really looking forward to getting another one in tomorrow.

I’ve realized the key to running well is beating yourself mentally. On Sunday, I just kept remembering Crissy telling me, “Always keep moving, even if your jogging at a walking pace, move.” It’s similar to what my aunt told me last summer, “Don’t ever stop, just slow down.” I think I will take that approach to heart more, especially running in the summer heat.

I’m in search of new running shoes. I’ve got a good 500 miles on the ones I’m wearing now (yes, yes I know. I’m over by 200 miles.) So if you have any suggestions let me know!

As for just me I’ve worked a lot in the past 6 days. I have my last marathon shift tomorrow then get a week off for going to a sisters wedding. Yesterday though Taylor and I did get to visit the Sea Life Aquarium in Kansas City. It was so much fun! I love marine life, especially sharks. Let me tell you, Shark Week is one of my favorite things all summer. 

The aquarium has a shark that only 22 other aquariums in the world have. I believe he called it a gator shark. Other than that they only had bull sharks. Many of the animals there were pretty standard, but I still love it none the less! Plus the validate parking for 6 hours and give you cheap tickets online. Seriously, it’s worth a visit!



The infamous gator shark.

But now its time to go watch The Voice finale. I’m hooked. Not sure if I have a favorite contestant, just a favorite coach. So let’s go Team Blake!

Heat wave to pouring rain

Ran just over 3.5 miles in 80 degree heat this morning, so I was pretty happy with myself. By the time I got home though my clothes were soaked and sweat was dripping off me. I was wishing the pool was open so I could just dive directly into the water. Got an ab workout in to. It’s a 30 day ab workout so we’ll see how that goes.

Other than that I ran to Michael’s so I can begin my summer craft projects and I watched Grey’s Anatomy. I’m on the last episode of season one. I do find the lines Meredith has at the beginning and end of each episode to be quite insightful.

As for Taylor his ankle isn’t broken just a bad bruise, but he definitely milked it. He did get a Netflix terrible scary movie night out of it. We just both clothes are eyes and scroll through the horror section until someone says stop. We ended up watching Hunger… not worth the 90 minutes, which they typically aren’t.

Now I’m sitting inside as it storms. As if the midwest needs more rain. Oh well, good excuse for a Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

Also, if anyone has any good reading suggestions, comment and let me know. I need some good books to read!

Muggy and Munchy

Those two words basically describe my day today. 

I ended up not needed to get up and run this morning because I was meeting Crissy after work so we could run together. Terrible idea. I hate running in the afternoon anyway, let alone in 85 degree heat with the humidity level through the roof. Then I realized, it could easily be muggy and hot on the day of the Tough Mudder, so I may as well get over it. 

Right after I waited 45 minutes in good ‘ole Kansas City traffic to take a nice cold jump in the pool. The neighborhood pool is going to be cake compared to a dumpster filled with ice. Realizing this I decided I should probably take my first ice bath sometime soon so I’m not shocked at the actual race.

As for the munchies it’s as if I can’t stop eating lately. I know I need to start reining that in however since part of training is eating right too. I think I’m going to try this no junk food challenge I found on Pinterest. 



Seems reasonable right. So tomorrow, this shall start. Actually more like 19 minutes, but you get the idea. I’m going to find this reasonably difficult since Dairy Queen now has S’MORES BLIZZARDS! Who doesn’t love s’mores?

In other news Tay had a hockey game tonight. A puck caught him between the shins in the first period and he was limping pretty bad. You think he’d stop right? No. Of course not. So now I have a boyfriend who can’t walk and a leg that may be broken, but he feels no need to check.

I’m sure we’ll find out when it’s time for work in the morning!


And so it begins.

So I’ve recently realized a good way to find information as well as be held accountable for things I’m trying to accomplish is through blogging. So I decided I may as well give it a shot myself.

Mostly I’ll be using this to talk about how I’m getting ready for the Tough Mudder in three months. Have you ever heard of the Tough Mudder? Well if you haven’t, just follow the link below and you will find alllll you need to know about how insane I am.

It’s only 12 or 13 miles of that. Not too awful right? Especially because I’ll be doing it with one of my sorority sisters.

I’m at about 3.5 miles right now. I know I can do more, I just decide I’m getting hot so I go home, which is just silly. So now I shall have some people to hold me accountable for going farther. Tomorrow’s goal, 4 miles. Just so I will stop being lazy.

Today I will be swimming a few laps to get a workout in. Swimming is also part of the Tough Mudder and I just haven’t done a whole lot of that.

In Other News…

Taylor’s mom (Taylor is my boyfriend and who’s family I am staying with this summer) is leaving on a two-three week bike trip tomorrow so today is our last day to spend with her. She has a friend coming into town and I think we’re getting some kind of special dinner. His mom baked a cake. She doesn’t usually bake so this should be fun.

It think I will end my blogs with an inspirational quote. Who doesn’t like a good quote!

Salt water is the cure for everything: tears, sweat or the sea.